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If you have a vision of next-stage growth, whether it’s growing your revenues, expanding your network, or increasing your own capacity to achieve, I will meet you where you are, identify the work needed to get to the next level, and support you to realize your dream.

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The first step to growing your business is understanding how it works as a holistic system.
With this understanding, you can move swiftly into building on what’s working and
shifting what needs to be overcome, corrected or improved.


When you are ready to build out a map & get on a fast-track toward next level success.


When you need laser focused support and accountability to take your next big steps.


Clarity and alignment equal the power to attract your ideal clients & deliver big value.


When you know precisely what you want and you need to know exactly how to get there.

Meet Jen 

Jen Dudley, long ago nicknamed “The Jenerator”, approaches everything with passion and a commitment to growth, all with her own nerdy analytical flair. 

As an INFJ, Virgo, Manifesting Generator and life-long learner, Jen possesses an acute ability to read between the lines and deep beneath the surface to identify subtle blocks to progress, productivity, motivation and success.

Jen has helped hundreds of businesses (and their owners and teams) set and reach their strategic goals to make big contributions and fulfill big dreams while feeling empowered and connected to their personal mission, vision & values. 

Jen is dedicated to finding Win-Win-Win scenarios where businesses thrive (along with their owners & teams) [WIN] ; where customer needs are met with deep satisfaction, cultivating loyalty [WIN] ; and where the world is made a little better every day with valuable products and services [WIN] .

Find out how you too can “Jenerate” your own map to success, fulfilling your highest purpose and thriving in your best life.

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Real World Results

“Where attention goes, energy flows and results show.” ~ T Harv Eker

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