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For major growth spurts and for many great strides in life, support can usually be spotted close by.

In sports or in business, coaching is a common resource to help maintain a healthy perspective and to push beyond what you would do on your own. Coaching with the Jenerator Team means you are held compassionately while being challenged with rigor to reach for your own goals – both personal and professional, in business and life.

We have multiple programs to meet you where you are, ensure your map is SMART and will get you where you want to go (and make sure you even have a map) – and then hold your feet to the fire as you walk toward those goals. 

Our commitment is that your progress is fun, fulfilling, progressive and effective. Make every step count! 

Individual Coaching Opportunities

Step into the Hot Seat!

Just In Time Consult

Sometimes you need a one-time session to get back on track. While this isn't a great option to make substantial progress, it can be a great way to get a fire started or to push through a specific block. Sessions average 2 hours, but can run up to 3 or longer, depending on the breakthrough.

Ready. Set. Go! What are you waiting for?

Sessions start at $300

Weekly Series

When you have your plan and you need a reliable partner to help YOU get yourself across the finish line, weekly sessions can be just the right tool. Together we will set milestones and lean in to progress. Any EBIs become your growth trajectory. Over the course of 8 weeks at a time you'll see big and small wins and never look back.

1 - 60 min session/week

8 Week Series $1,200

Flexible Series

If you work at your own pace, often in fits and starts, you may need a committed series with more flexibility. If this is you, for a little more, you can have the best of both worlds - flexibility within a longer time frame - and a commitment to yourself to make progress toward certain wins.

8 - 90 minute sessions to be used within 6 months

8 Flex Series $1895


If you are someone who works best in a group setting, I have a two group structures:

  1. one is a group coaching program that offers collective learning through education and live laser coaching, and
  2. the other is a smaller, more intimate VIP-style MasterMind program for intensive sprint work in a tight-knit accountability group environment.

Both are powerful and produce results.

I have designed programs to support different learning styles and different needs based on various business stages and personalities.

This way you can be yourself AND be supported as you do your best work.


The Group Coaching Program runs 3 months at a time (approximately 90 days each) , 3 cycles per year.

[Jan-Mar], [Apr-Jun], [Sep-Nov]

Group Program includes
* weekly group meetings with opportunities for hot seat coaching and Q&A – recorded in case you’re not able to make a session;
* content based in “business as an energy system” teachings and tailored toward group questions and needs;
* collective sprint cycles – though everyone’s milestones and progress pacing differs;
* 2 (two) 1:1 45 minute coaching sessions per program cycle
* shared contact list and group chat channel;
* opportunities to stretch into leadership
* networking opportunities

$797 (pay in full)
or 3 payments @ $299/mo
(autopay on the 1st of each month)


This program is designed for those of you ready and willing
to work within a focused sprint to jump to the next level.

VIP MasterMind Intensive Program opens every 8 weeks
(approximately every other month as members leave and spots become available)

Space is limited to 8 participants per MasterMind Cycle
We expect a commitment to participate fully with the group for 8 weeks

MasterMind Intensive Program includes
* 2-3 hour weekly roundtable meetings;
* Collective coaching opportunities (peer support);
* Individual accountability on personal progress;
* Content is uniquely tailored to the needs of group members
* Topics based in Business as an Energy System curriculum;
* Individual goal setting and business planning support;
* Weekly 1:1 accountability structures with daily check in;
* Opportunities to teach and lead the group each program cycle;
* Networking opportunities

Cost: $2,495 (pay in full for 8 week mastermind) or
2-payments of $1,325/mo billed on the 1st)

“Where attention goes, energy flows and results show.” ~ T Harv Eker

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