Meet Jen

All Heart💜Teacher, Leader, Guide.
Business Doula & Empowerment Coach.
Mamapreneur. Writer. Speaker. Dreamer.
Strategist. Butt-Kicker. Cheerleader. 
Serious Spreadsheet Nerd.

Why The Jenerator? 

Sooo Many Years of Experience

Yes those years allow me to speak confidently from experience. When I reflect for you something is possible, I’ve seen it and know it to be true. You will soon too.

Out of the Box Creative Solutions

One of the biggest compliments a client once gave me was to inform me that I wasn’t just an out of the box thinker, I was WAAAY out of the box. No limits. Just hurdles. 

Outstanding Personalized Care

It is with great support that most people can really fly. I believe that personalized care, and sometimes simply witnessing attentively, gives the nod people need to be their best. 

A Brief Herstory. My Story.

For as long as I can remember I have been some kind of coach.

Loud-mouthed, sassy, smart as a whip, creative, rigorous, tenacious, focused on making things better, and always seeking ways to grow.

As a wee one it looked like being the teacher or “boss” during play. If we ever needed a commander, in our pretend neighborhood renditions of Battlestar Galactica or Star Wars, I’d jump at the chance to be at the helm and lead the team. While I hated being the center of attention (and still do), I have always loved reflecting a resounding “Yes You Can” attitude to my team, helping people find their way to confidence and solutions.

Leading “from behind” comes naturally to me and is deeply fulfilling.

In college I coached a crew boat as cox and found myself time and again being in an advisory position, reflecting strengths and finding solutions. My analytical nature helps me see between the lines and my empathy helps me invite people to peek behind their own curtains to discover truths and gifts they may not see on their own.

I became an account executive professionally, guiding clients to smart strategies to grow their businesses. Here I found lots of surprises too, like helping business owners give themselves permission to take a day off in order to boost their bottom line after their head cleared and they could feel like themselves again.

And then… years into a great corporate career… I turned a 180 and became a doula, childbirth educator and manager of a small home birth center. What was I thinking? lol

As a doula for 15 years I attended more than 200 births. I “coached” mothers and fathers to find their voices, their desires, to be vulnerable during an intense transition time and come out the other side stronger than ever, holding each other tight. I got to witness the most precious moments in life. I cherish every moment, every salty tear, every tiny finger and toe, every sparkle in a new mom’s or dad’s eye.

Now I can look back and see that the dramatic turns I have taken were points of integration. Leaving corporate work allowed me to open my heart and experience doing work I cared about and truly love. Finding a place to make a difference with local families felt more rewarding than any ambitious moves I could make in my corporate career.

At this point, my work with The Jenerator, Inc. allows me to bring together the heart work (rather than hard work) with smart, effective business strategies to make the world a better place. I do this by helping you grow your business as you make a difference. I call it the triple bottom line or the Win-Win-Win scenario. Businesses (and their stakeholders) thrive, Customers get meaningful needs met, and the World becomes a better place each day. That feels great and is a story worth living and telling. My story. Thanks for being a part of it.

Since 1990

That has to be a mistake. Feels like, sounds like O.L.D. 

But no, it’s just what is. Truth bomb. I’ve been supporting marketing and business programs since 1990. Which indeed makes me old. But with that length of time comes lots of experience seeing business owners have successes and make mistakes. I’ve also seen the trends of communication and business management and leadership as they come and go throughout the years. Put all this experience to work for yourself, tapping into a deep well of knowledge and wisdom. 


While we can jump into any business scenario and add value, there are a few areas where we are experts and can bring next level value. If you’re working on one of these areas, do not Pass Go. Call today. We’ll help you take your world to the next level & build momentum toward your goals. 

Transformational Branding

Transformational Branding

Discover and unfurl your brand essence and unique value from the inside out.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Plant the most important flags and build the maps to take you there fast.

Life-Work Balance

Life-Work Balance

Going for achievement AND fulfillment. Because what is one without the other?

See what clients are saying...

“Where attention goes, energy flows and results show.” ~ T Harv Eker

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